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Cost Efficient

All our products help a lot in reducing your electricity bills by consuming energy at high efficiency.

AC Energy Savers

Save tons of energy and cut down on your bills by using our device on any kind of air conditioner at your home.

Increase Home Security

Our CCTV Surveillance products help safeguard your home and offices at all times.

Transparent and Bi-facial Solar Panels

They work as building envelope material and power generator. These panels also harvest power from both sides.

Control Home Appliances

Monitor and handle your home appliances from anywhere across the globe with our smartphone using our home automation solutions.

Hassle Free Installation

No need for any sort of rewiring as most of our Home Automation products work over your WiFi or 3G/4G devices.


Home Automation

Did you forget to turn off any appliance? Concerned about your home security? Or are you just lazy? That’s where our automation products come in. Our home/office automation system provides the convenience to control your home from anywhere in the world. It has been intelligently designed for your day to day requirements at home and work. This allows you to monitor and manage all electrical appliances from the comfort of your phone.
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The Unit Price (kWh) of Electricity has risen steadily, with more than 30% Increase in just last 3 years for Commercial consumers. This increase in tariff is expected to further increase over the coming years.
Our Solar Energy Solutions are State of the Art –
Rooftop Solar PV Systems, Innovative Hybrid Generation Systems, High Efficiency LED Lighting & Solutions for Rural India.
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AC Energy savers

Air Conditioners are responsible for almost 70 % of the energy consumption in most of the establishments. This is exactly where our Power Saver for Air Conditioner comes into picture & helps saves energy by preventing thermal saturation & excess cooling.
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Our Clients

Solar Rooftop Project

Date: 2018-02-01

Client: Jain Society

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Rooftop On grid Solar PV system in Sion, Mumbai

What our clients have to say

  • The home automation system has made my life easy. Now I don't need to worry about excess energy bills as I can control all my active appliances from the phone.

    Mrs. Soma Panja , Homemaker
  • The AC Energy saver reduced our electricity bills by 20% in our showroom. With rising electricity rates for commercial establishments, this has helped us save on our operating expenses

    Mr. Jeetu,

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